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LAGUNARE Rosso  A little history... 

Born on the hill, in the Campodipietra vineyards of the wine grower "Ornella Molon," the "LAGUNARE Rosso" is a wine ageing in barrels dived under water, in the lagoon. Rocked by the waves and tides, the barrel remains submerged for six months in a cool, sinking in sandy bottoms, wrapping seaweed, in contact with fish, shellfish, small crabs, moved into the open only with the low tide. It is especially surprising that in this case'' we do not find it faced with wine (sparkling, mainly) already bottled, which are refined in bottles placed under water. Instead, we find it faced with a Red Wine (Cabernet & Merlot) that ends in the water when it is still in barrels (barrels of second passage of in French oak 235 litre) and, in fact, due to the porosity of the container material, exchanges between the interior and exterior are important and faster.

After the first moment of surprise, we find in this great wine already flexible despite its young age, very complex and surprising mouth feel, all the characteristics of a wine that deserves, like all wines, a prior decanting at least 30 minutes in order to allow it to be opened and released. Ageing in aquatic environment, underwater in the Venetian Lagoon, gives it not only tastes unknown in the wine world, but also a great structure and a balance ready to delight both the novice and the sommelier.

Tasting, cellaring and collectable wine, "LAGUNARE Rosso" deserves to be on the best restaurants, equally at home with fish (grilled or in sauce) as meats and cheeses.

"LAGUNARE Rosso" is an invitation to travel:
Close your eyes and imagine yourself on a boat in the calm of the lagoon, rocked by the waves and caressed by the spray, breathe and feel all the subtleties that emerge from your glass and... here you go...

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